When I was in my early 20s, I remember hearing about how we all have the same 24 hours in a day, therefore we make time for what we want. I used to look to this idea as a way to motivate myself to plan out my day in a way that I can reach my goals. But in recent years with my new experiences, I’ve learned that not everyone has the luxury or abilityread more

I hate to say it, but sometimes, I look at how others are doing in similar fields to me and use that as a way to gauge my own abilities. They say comparison can kill, but honestly, sometimes it motivates me. Sometimes, I get inspired by what others do. Sometimes, I even get envious or judgmental. I always acknowledge it, and I tell myself, “Hey, if they can do it, so can I, if that’sread more

Don’t be afraid to start over, because as they say, you’re not starting from scratch this time; you’re starting from experience. I revamped my blog, partially out of convenience, and partially because I wasn’t satisfied with my old blog posts. I figured I could rewrite them or repurpose my old content if it had any potential. Of course, I thought about the downsides. I wouldn’t have my old posts published on my page proving thatread more

I first heard about lightworkers and darkworkers through Steve Pavlina’s blog. He talked about how it’s hard to be in a peak state of motivation without polarizing to one or the other. There was definitely a time when I identified as a lightworker and felt motivated for days or even months to take action to achieve my goals because of that. But after hearing voices and experiencing the negative side of that, I feel asread more

There were times when I thought I was pretty smart, but nowadays, I feel pretty average. Once in a while, I feel stupid. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I don’t feel down on myself just because I’m not as smart as other people. I just realize there’s a lot out there that I don’t know. When I think about starting a business, I feel like I only possess a limited amount of knowledge.read more

Sometimes, I suddenly feel inspired or feel a short burst of motivation to produce a song. If I act when it happens, I can finish anywhere from 80-100% of the song. I haven’t found a better system for producing music when inspiration hits. I just do it when it comes and get as much done as possible. But, these moments are rare. So, I don’t produce as much music as I could if I haveread more

The D to C principle is dismissive to curious principle. It means letting go of your judgments and seeing what else there could be. It could give you a new perspective on things you view negatively. I am critical of people’s relationships, especially through the photos I see on social media. I think about how superficial these relationships must be. I see hairless women with makeup and straightened hair getting into relationships with fat orread more

One thing I didn’t do because I was afraid of spending the money was hiring other music producers to help me produce a song with my vocals. I was worried it wouldn’t sound great, or that I wouldn’t make the money back. I realize that these are kind of silly reasons. If I don’t like one producer’s work, I can always try another producer, or look at their reviews first. And also, it doesn’t haveread more