(This post contains Amazon affiliate links; more info can be found here or on the sidebar/footer depending on if you’re on mobile/PC.) The other day, I started reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. So far from what I started reading, he goes into the “why” of working less instead of the “how”. And I have to say, I find it quite refreshing. It reminds me of why I wanted to become an entrepreneur vs. working aread more

Recently, I finished listening to module 1 of Amplify (by Steve Pavlina) for the first time. I went through all the workbook exercises for those lessons and tried to come up with short answers in my journal. So, here are my thoughts on the course so far. Module 1’s theme is “The Frame Game”. I am familiar with this idea as I have worked with experts in removing limiting beliefs or with CBT (where youread more

A goal that I can test in 10 minutes is seeing how many words I can learn from watching Running Man by actively writing words down that I don’t know. I’m going to test this right now. I will continue watching 5 minutes of a show from where I last left off. I will write down the words I don’t know, and then translate them either by pausing the show in between or waiting untilread more

Something I’ve failed at multiple times is making a significant amount of passive income per month (at least $1000/month). It’s important to me still because I want to have enough to cover basic expenses without having to worry about trading in my time for money. I want to choose what I do each day rather than be forced to do something just to pay the bills. I know $1000/month isn’t a lot, but it’s aread more

Today, I was browsing on Facebook when this ad caught my eye. There was a $7 NLP online course for certification (by David Key). I checked it out, was convinced to try it, submitted my payment info, and waited to receive the email. Least to say, I wasn’t very impressed. The portal for the course seemed pretty outdated in how it was presented. I found the main page where it breaks down into lessons. Thereread more

One book I thought about buying but never did was Becoming by Michelle Obama. I wondered if it would be overrated. But now that I’m thinking about it, there’s a lot I could learn from her. Even if there was just one worthwhile idea in the book, that would be worth it. I used to look at the reviews and debate over spending the $11. I should have just spent it. I think I justread more

One thing I’ve been thinking about is working with music producers or collabing with other artists in producing songs that I can post to streaming services. If I want to learn more about working with other producers/artists, I could research it for two weeks. My first step is to do a simple Google or YouTube search. I’ve looked into it before, but I was just worried about not knowing the best practices. Since original musicread more

These are three personal habits that I would like to improve: 1) Keeping my belongings organized2) Going on the walking route I take at least 3 times (currently walk it 2 times max)3) Washing/moisturizing my face daily For keeping my belongings organized, I could throw/put away one item daily. For walking, I could start with walking however much I normally walk the first day, and then each day walk back home after taking an additionalread more

My to-do list of tasks I’ve been meaning to get done but haven’t for a while: 1) Organize my desk2) Organize the top of my dresser3) Find my degree and diploma4) Find my passport5) Post a finished song on YouTube6) Register for an absentee ballot online, which requires my driver’s license number I could ask for help in getting my desk and top of the dresser organized. I could set a reminder and set asideread more

One thing that I can change just to test it out is my response to, “What do you do for a living?” For one, I don’t really “work for a living”. I don’t worry about making money. I just do what I want to do. I could say I experiment with different types of work from freelancing to online ventures. I have my own blog website and I experimented with publishing music on YouTube andread more