I haven’t completely abandoned the no or low buy challenge, but I actually realized after looking into my spending (lol, how embarrassing) that I hardly spend anything at all. 😂 As in… yes, I spend. But compared to the average person? In comparison to how much I save and invest? I’m pretty minimal in my spending. If I had to give you a total (not including my big Black Friday/Cyber Monday spending, and not includingread more

After a major technology purchase during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales this year, I’ve decided to challenge myself to a “low buy” month, possibly extending to 6 months or even an entire year, excluding probably February when I plan to go to India. My motivation for doing this is mainly conscious spending, being sure that I’m purchasing things of great value vs. mindlessly buying gizmos here and there. And also, to hopefully focus more onread more

The D to C principle is dismissive to curious principle. It means letting go of your judgments and seeing what else there could be. It could give you a new perspective on things you view negatively. I am critical of people’s relationships, especially through the photos I see on social media. I think about how superficial these relationships must be. I see hairless women with makeup and straightened hair getting into relationships with fat orread more

Sometimes, we become self-absorbed in our own thoughts. It is good to be mindful and to practice conscious thinking. But sometimes, we have to pull away from our thoughts in order to live in the present. Too much overthinking can create unnecessary anxiety or anticipation for the future. In order to get out of our own heads, we can practice positive coping skills to ground us in the moment. Some examples of these are focusingread more

As our minds are based on survival, we sometimes face fears of exploring the unknown. We come up with all the reasons why not to do something when treading the unknown. But what would happen if we explore the unknown with gentle curiosity? Just because some paths in life are unknown does not mean that we have to leave it unexplored. We can dab into the unknown bit by bit, perhaps uncovering a new andread more

A coping skill is a way in which we manage or deal with stress. There are two ways in which we can deal with stress. The first is called adaptive or positive coping skills, ways in which we can deal with stress in an uplifting or beneficial manner. The second is called maladaptive or negative coping skills, ways in which we engage in behaviors that are not beneficial or helpful in the long run. Thereread more

Our minds tend to get stuck in the past, forming negativity thoughts or beliefs based upon our experiences. When we get stuck in negativity, we hold ourselves back and hinder our progress. We avoid engaging in certain activities that may be beneficial for us or that may help us to grow as human beings. The reason our minds come up with negative ideas is for the sake of survival. However, nowadays with technological advancement, weread more

The majority of us suffer internally through our minds. It happens naturally because our minds are designed to form conclusions based upon our experiences. When we experience what we perceive to be a negative outcome repeatedly, we tend to form negative beliefs about ourselves or the world around us in order to avoid those seemingly negative events. The problem is that if you continue to build up these negative beliefs, eventually you become stuck inread more

“In three words, I can sum up everything I know about life. It goes on,” – Robert Frost Whether we like it or not, life goes on. Time continues to pass no matter what we’re doing. Well, time is also an illusion, something that is merely measured by the movement of the Earth’s revolution on its axis and around the sun. But as each present moment passes by, we can see that life still continuesread more

Courage is when you align with love and power to move past fear into a state of action. For many people, courage takes willpower and practice. We are not used to being courageous due to us falling to what society dictates or because our minds get stuck in a state of fear. How do you move past a state of fear in order to take action? There are two approaches to fear. One approach requiresread more