Don’t Be Afraid to Start Over

Don’t be afraid to start over, because as they say, you’re not starting from scratch this time; you’re starting from experience.

I revamped my blog, partially out of convenience, and partially because I wasn’t satisfied with my old blog posts. I figured I could rewrite them or repurpose my old content if it had any potential.

Of course, I thought about the downsides. I wouldn’t have my old posts published on my page proving that my website existed for many years. And, it would take me time to build up content again.

However, I realized that those downsides were not really much of a problem. It’d be nice to start over with the idea that the quality might be higher than if I left all of my old blog posts up. And if I had to show anyone my old blog posts, I could always show them my saved archives. (I highly doubt that I’ll need to pull my archives though.)

People start over all the time. They embark on new careers, retake courses, move to new places, or end long-term relationships. In some cases, it can be scary to lose what’s familiar or feel disappointed that you’re “not moving forward”, but you only have everything to gain by trying something over again.

When you start over, you have previous experience to guide you. You are aware of the mistakes you should avoid. You are more in tune with your values.

It’s not a failure to start over. It’s a journey that never ends. It just changes and transforms. When you are trying something over again, the experience is different. So, it’s not a waste. You are always learning something new.

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