Many people suffer in silence. Instead of opening up, they hold back for one of many reasons. Some of these reasons include fear of judgment, fear of rejection, a state of ambivalence, not wanting to express or share sadness, and holding back anger as to not treat other people badly. Is it okay to suffer in silence? Some people are better at managing their emotions and feelings more than others. Sometimes, others may feel likeread more

What are beliefs? Beliefs are formed through repetitive thoughts that our brains have concluded. Some beliefs can be helpful, and other beliefs can be destructive. What I’ve found to be useful is to examine old destructive beliefs, reframe them, and live a more conscious and positive life through more empowering beliefs. We can have all sorts of beliefs. Usually when we hear the word “belief”, we think of religion. Christians believe that Jesus died forread more

Forgiveness can be a touchy subject for some. What is true forgiveness, and how do we know if we have truly forgiven a situation? During the course of our lifetime, we may experience negative situations such as betrayal of trust, physical abuse, or bullying. These experiences are not pleasant at all and can lead to bitter resentment. When we forgive someone, we have to put ourselves in that person’s shoes. Perhaps we would not haveread more

Life is a precious miracle. We never know what tomorrow may hold. All we can do is just try our best to live a fulfilling life. Often times, people settle for mediocrity. This is due to how they were raised. We all grow up with various beliefs formed from our childhood. When those beliefs go left unexamined, we settle for less and forget to chase after our true dreams. I’m here to tell you thatread more

In the personal development field, people are alluded to believing that you must be positive 100% of the time. However, this is not realistic. And sometimes, negativity is needed in order to figure out what the truth is. When you are too optimistic, you could become manic and trust people too easily. Or, you may overexert yourself. With negativity, you learn how to be more wary of people and circumstances. It is best to findread more

What is acceptance, and how does one learn to accept reality? Acceptance is when you surrender to the truth. Many people live in denial and succumb to their present circumstances by using negative coping skills such as drinking or smoking. They become too comfortable that they are scared or wary of trying anything new. These people lack a higher sense of purpose and instead live paycheck to paycheck, filling the void inside by just consumingread more

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas A. Edison In order to be ready for opportunities, we must first prepare ourselves. How do we do that? First, you must examine your life and see what it is that you enjoy: What are your talents? What are your hobbies? What are your skills? What do you want to try learning? Once you prepare yourself mentally,read more

“No great man ever complains of want of opportunities.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson In every stage of life, there are an abundance of opportunities at one’s disposal. You an find the hidden blessings and opportunities in each and every single moment. Even when things seem hard, there is always something good that you can be thankful for, and you can learn how to seek true happiness through the challenging moments. Sometimes, life is a more

Complaining is usually a waste of time. The more time people spend arguing with each other, the less time we have focusing on enjoying a good life. My general rule of thumb is to not complain, but to proactively work on finding solutions. Often times, people don’t know what they are doing, and so they tend to just complain over and over again. You have to learn how to think above and to just ignoreread more