google phone and good apps

These are the top four Android apps I’ve been using lately, all in health and education: 1. HabitsWhen I was attending uni, I used to use an iOS app called Lift, not to be confused with Lyft (the ride-sharing service). Lift is now known as Coach.Me and they still have an app, though it is still only really compatible with iOS. They have a web version, though it wasn’t always convenient for tracking habits inread more

Is going to college worth it? Is college a scam?

I don’t blame teenagers for not knowing what they’re getting themselves into when they’re bombarded with propaganda from school counselors, teachers, principals, campus representatives, parents, extended family, etc. about how they need to apply for college, pick a major, and possibly accumulate tons of school debt, with no actual guarantee of a high-paying reliable job. Especially in this day and age with access to so much information with the click of a button and kidsread more

I had been planning to join Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Club (CGC) for 2021-2022. It opens in the end of April, but recently, he launched a new course called Amplify. From what I’ve read, it’s beneficial for conscious creatives. I wanted to joined, but since Amplify would be free for CGC members, I didn’t want to pay extra. The only benefit to joining early would be to join the live calls. But today, I receivedread more

There were times when I thought I was pretty smart, but nowadays, I feel pretty average. Once in a while, I feel stupid. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I don’t feel down on myself just because I’m not as smart as other people. I just realize there’s a lot out there that I don’t know. When I think about starting a business, I feel like I only possess a limited amount of more

The lesson on free advice where you harness the expertise of other people seems useful, but I’m not exactly sure how to execute it. Right now, I’m learning Spanish and would like to learn more about producing songs on my own or collabing with others. I don’t exactly know who to talk to for advice let alone ten to twenty people. So, I might just rely on Reddit for now. To be honest, I don’tread more