Most people have been conditioned to work their entire lives. It starts from the younger years, when children first attend school. They’re expected to be at school at a certain time, and if not it affects their attendance on their report cards. They don’t get out until 3-4pm, and then they may even have some extracurriculars that require them to attend school earlier or later. Even then, their days don’t end. They’re expected to doread more

(This post contains Amazon affiliate links; more info can be found here or on the sidebar/footer depending on if you’re on mobile/PC.) The other day, I started reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. So far from what I started reading, he goes into the “why” of working less instead of the “how”. And I have to say, I find it quite refreshing. It reminds me of why I wanted to become an entrepreneur vs. working aread more

Do you ever stumble across something you’re not entirely sure of how to do, and then hold it off for a long time– only to return to it and finally figure it out, but kind of realizing that it’s a little too late? Haha, well, that happened to me today. I finally took a few minutes to figure out how to import some old blog posts from pre-pandemic times. I have even older blog postsread more

Some people think that if you want to make it as an entrepreneur or get through college so you can land your dream job, then you have to make sacrifices to your health in the short-term. It’s dangerous, stupid, and reckless. You’re only going to damage your long-term health by shortcutting your health and not making it a priority. As much as I enjoy ramen, I wouldn’t recommend for a student to save money byread more

I think so many of us live our life trying to justify everything that we do. We search for reasons, as if having no reason is not good enough. And, it’s hard not to think that way when everyone kind of expects you to have an answer for everything. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice instead if people didn’t expect to hear a clear-cut answer for, “So, what do you do for a living?” Iread more

One area that I want to keep stable is how the voice acts throughout the day. I definitely want it to stay quiet during the day when I’m active, when I take a shower, and when I go for a walk. I’d ideally like it to stay quiet all day and night long. But nowadays, it does talk sometimes in the evenings or right before I fall asleep. When it talks, I usually get stressedread more

One decision I made based on someone’s reputation was to restrict them on Instagram. They had a reputation of messaging daily, usually the same questions, and always expecting a reply. So first, I limited their interactions. And then when I posted something, they left several angry comments. Seeing this to be a pattern of their behavior (constantly demanding attention from me), I blocked them. Had they not messaged me daily from the beginning and leftread more

I remember learning about building a personal portfolio from Ramit before, probably from when I first took the Success Triggers course. However, I forgot about it in following years. Basically, the idea is to add any accomplishments to your portfolio every so often (like maybe once a month). That way, when you need it later (for a resume or bringing up for a job promotion), it will be ready for you for the most more

Today while I was attending Steve Pavlina’s Deep Abundance Integration call, I had the idea of becoming a personal cheerleader for others. Other words for it would be accountability partner, accountability buddy, accountability coach, and life coach. The reason I decided to go with “cheerleader” is because I would be utilizing positive affirmations and positive energy to motivate the person. I wonder how much people would pay to have a personal cheerleader in their more

Passive income requires discipline. It means trying various ideas until something sticks and works. It requires you to be patient and to hold out for long-term benefits. If you stick to creating passive income, eventually you will succeed as you learn from your attempts. The reason why passive income is so good to earn is because it requires you to only put in the upfront work one time in exchange for receiving money over aread more