It’s pretty surprising, a lot of singers, producers, songwriters, rappers, music artists in general on YouTube are missing out on making passive income with their music. I certainly missed out for over 3 years of passive income with some old song covers, simply because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. To start off, I am considered an independent artist. I am unsigned. I’ve never been part of a record label. I don’tread more

Today, I remember waking up, looking at the clock, and seeing that it was a little past 4:00 AM. I tried going back to sleep, closing my eyes, trying to get comfortable, but with no luck. I was like this for 2 1/2 hours. Then a little past 6:30 AM, I finally decided to just call it quits and get up. Usually even if I can’t sleep, I just stay in bed and try toread more

I almost forgot to write a blog post today! Yesterday, I finally posted a song cover onto my YouTube channel. Since I used someone else’s instrumental, I can’t monetize it on Spotify or iTunes. That’s okay though, because I don’t think that song will get a lot of views. I just kind of sang it for the fun of it. I took another song cover I did before though and submit it through Soundrop forread more

One area that I want to keep stable is how the voice acts throughout the day. I definitely want it to stay quiet during the day when I’m active, when I take a shower, and when I go for a walk. I’d ideally like it to stay quiet all day and night long. But nowadays, it does talk sometimes in the evenings or right before I fall asleep. When it talks, I usually get stressedread more

One thing I’ve been thinking about is working with music producers or collabing with other artists in producing songs that I can post to streaming services. If I want to learn more about working with other producers/artists, I could research it for two weeks. My first step is to do a simple Google or YouTube search. I’ve looked into it before, but I was just worried about not knowing the best practices. Since original musicread more

One thing I didn’t do because I was afraid of spending the money was hiring other music producers to help me produce a song with my vocals. I was worried it wouldn’t sound great, or that I wouldn’t make the money back. I realize that these are kind of silly reasons. If I don’t like one producer’s work, I can always try another producer, or look at their reviews first. And also, it doesn’t haveread more

Have you ever progressed in a specific skill or talent, only to slide down in progress due to an unwanted break? I dabbled in and out of music several times. It’s not easy to get back into the swing of music production after you notice that you’re out of practice. Today, I posted a song cover of Impassive – Owol, but it wasn’t nearly the quality that I was hoping to get out of more

Music can be therapeutic. There are many genres of music that we choose to listen to: emo, punk, rock, gothic, rock and roll, classical, pop, R&B, foreign, K-pop, J-pop, C-pop, and more. What we choose to listen to can depict and influence our mood. Personally, when I listen to classical music, it feels calm and relaxed. It makes me feel like I am in peace. It helps me to get in a meditative state ofread more