stop trying to provide value to other people, do this instead

Yep, I know, this is gonna sound a bit controversial. But, I do think some people (young folks especially) could use this advice. A lot of people in the personal development and entrepreneurial fields say something along the lines of: “Find a way to provide value.” However, a lot of people fail to realize that the value they think they’re offering to other people (especially when starting off) may not actually be of any valueread more

This morning, I was browsing my second Instagram page, wondering how I could monetize it with over 5800 followers. It has a pretty good engagement rate, I would say 5-10% these days. So, I was wondering what I value I could provide in return for passive income. Well, it’s not exactly passive depending on how it’s run. However, I could find myself enjoying being part of a community, depending on what it is. I’ve beenread more