To make a million dollars over the span of a decade, if the path were linear, you’d need to make $100K/year. Monthly, that’d come to around $8,333.33. On a per day basis (365 days a year), that’d be around $274/day. Of course if you were to take the active income route, realistically you wouldn’t be able to work every single day of the year. It’s not like you’re a machine. But, most of us doread more


Most people have been conditioned to work their entire lives. It starts from the younger years, when children first attend school. They’re expected to be at school at a certain time, and if not it affects their attendance on their report cards. They don’t get out until 3-4pm, and then they may even have some extracurriculars that require them to attend school earlier or later. Even then, their days don’t end. They’re expected to doread more

I haven’t completely abandoned the no or low buy challenge, but I actually realized after looking into my spending (lol, how embarrassing) that I hardly spend anything at all. 😂 As in… yes, I spend. But compared to the average person? In comparison to how much I save and invest? I’m pretty minimal in my spending. If I had to give you a total (not including my big Black Friday/Cyber Monday spending, and not includingread more

If you are old enough to take on student debt to go to college, you’re old enough to get a credit card. And if you’re old enough to get a credit card, you’re old enough to learn about financial literacy. (Really, financial literacy is something that needs to be taught in school from a young age.) Here are 10 reasons why I advise young adults to consider getting a credit more

It’s pretty surprising, a lot of singers, producers, songwriters, rappers, music artists in general on YouTube are missing out on making passive income with their music. I certainly missed out for over 3 years of passive income with some old song covers, simply because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. To start off, I am considered an independent artist. I am unsigned. I’ve never been part of a record label. I don’tread more

Soooo… I’ve been running Google AdSense on my blog for years. I don’t know when I actually started using it, but if I had to guess, definitely 5-6 years ago for sure. I’ve also been part of the YouTube Partner Program for some time, maybe a year or so. And despite being a part of both programs for so long, I haven’t yet even cashed out a single penny. Both programs require you to hitread more

After years of avoiding investing due to beginner mistakes in my early twenties, I decided to give investing a shot again. When I first started investing, it was after completing my internship in uni. I took $2500 and put it toward a Roth IRA, trying to take advantage of the savings since I didn’t owe any federal taxes from my limited income that year. I thought this was smart because I was essentially depositing after-taxread more

Today, I remember waking up, looking at the clock, and seeing that it was a little past 4:00 AM. I tried going back to sleep, closing my eyes, trying to get comfortable, but with no luck. I was like this for 2 1/2 hours. Then a little past 6:30 AM, I finally decided to just call it quits and get up. Usually even if I can’t sleep, I just stay in bed and try toread more

Something I’ve failed at multiple times is making a significant amount of passive income per month (at least $1000/month). It’s important to me still because I want to have enough to cover basic expenses without having to worry about trading in my time for money. I want to choose what I do each day rather than be forced to do something just to pay the bills. I know $1000/month isn’t a lot, but it’s aread more

One thing I didn’t do because I was afraid of spending the money was hiring other music producers to help me produce a song with my vocals. I was worried it wouldn’t sound great, or that I wouldn’t make the money back. I realize that these are kind of silly reasons. If I don’t like one producer’s work, I can always try another producer, or look at their reviews first. And also, it doesn’t haveread more