Oops– I Imported Some of My Old Blog Posts

Do you ever stumble across something you’re not entirely sure of how to do, and then hold it off for a long time– only to return to it and finally figure it out, but kind of realizing that it’s a little too late? Haha, well, that happened to me today. I finally took a few minutes to figure out how to import some old blog posts from pre-pandemic times. I have even older blog posts that I haven’t imported or some that I haven’t even been able to save (though a lot is visible through Internet Archives). But today, before backing up my current posts, I imported posts from 2018-2020. And then I realized, oops, I might not even want all of these posts back.

Oh well, now they’re here. I doubt people will look back unless they’re really curious. It kind of clashes with the aesthetic of my current theme when I view older posts since they’re stripped down to the basics. But, it’s okay. I’ll live, haha.

To be honest, I’m not even sure if I will quite have a blog like this in the future. I’ve been thinking about switching to just have a website with my basic details such as my discography and links to my socials. And then eventually as I launch them, I would link to my eBooks, my eCourses, and more. But blogging? I feel like they’ve been getting lost in the sea of blog posts. There’s just so much content out there! And I’m no Steve Pavlina, so I don’t have the audience who would passionately search up all my articles. 😂

But being able to import my blog posts… there is a benefit to that. And I might be able to check my old laptop for even older posts. That is, with AI, I could have it sift through my content and generate specific content for my needs. For example, I could ask AI for summaries. Or, I could ask it to come up with a list of values that the writer (me) resonates with. Or, I could ask it for some common themes. I could ask it anything!

Otherwise, it feels like I’ve vomited all over my website by importing all these old blog posts, haha. Some of them are interesting to look back on and reflect upon. But honestly, it might be okay, because I feel like I’ve moved on in my website era. That is to shift from a blog to something more like a portfolio. I’m not sure if I’ll revamp this website itself and take down all my blog posts (backing them up of course). Or, if I’ll set up more of a portfolio website on another domain. That remains to be seen. I’d mostly only want to keep the blog as a record and for nostalgia. But otherwise, I’m not sure if it’s really giving value to others in the way that I had hoped for. I feel like there are better ways to package value, such as an eBook, an eCourse, an MP3, or a video.

It feels somewhat strange that I’m not as attached to my blog as I was in the past. But, maybe I’ve evolved as a person in terms of what type of content I’d like to put out or have my name attached to.