Success Triggers by Ramit Sethi – Personal Portfolio

I remember learning about building a personal portfolio from Ramit before, probably from when I first took the Success Triggers course. However, I forgot about it in following years. Basically, the idea is to add any accomplishments to your portfolio every so often (like maybe once a month). That way, when you need it later (for a resume or bringing up for a job promotion), it will be ready for you for the most part.

I didn’t really have a portfolio before. I just had resumes. So whenever I updated my resume, I saved the old copies, and I would write new accomplishments or work experiences. Then, I’d have my old resumes for reference and tailor my new resume based on what was needed. For example, if I were applying for a teaching job, then I’d go back and find all of my tutoring and teaching experiences and combine that info. But, I never really kept a portfolio, not on purpose anyway.

I can’t really think of anything to add to my portfolio right now other than the number of views or followers on my YouTube/Instagram accounts. Maybe I could start with when I restarted my website and write the amount of blog posts I have in total up to now. Maybe I could take a screenshot of my website now and say that I created it using WordPress on my own domain. And eventually, I could take TOPIK and add my official score to my portfolio.

I can’t predict what I’d use my personal portfolio for. However, I do agree, it can be useful. And, it’s always there just in case I need it. Plus, it’s a nice way to review your accomplishments.

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