If you’ve been brainwashed by society into thinking that a job is the most secure way in which you can generate income, you’re about to become enlightened. Not only is a job one of the worst ways to make income, but it is also quite risky. Many people compete for the same job. Nowadays, there is no such thing as job security as there had been in the past. With technology, people are learning moreread more

Work can be boring sometimes. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially if you decide to go the entrepreneurial path, it can be lots of fun. You can combine play with work if you create a lifestyle first and work second. When you create a lifestyle first, you choose the activities that are most appealing to you. For example, nowadays, I like to do the following: blogging, uploading videos, producing music, and writingread more

“Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.” – George Lois Nowadays, I feel as if there is a lack of creativity in society. We create curriculums for children to learn in school through rote memorization and standardized testing. In the age of digital technology, memorization is not as important as creativity. Society has room for creative people to implement different strategies to better society. Theread more

Nowadays, there is a lot of opportunity available for people to make money out of a lifestyle they enjoy. You can become a personal shopper, take online surveys or give feedback for dining at restaurants for free, make money off social media such as posting your outfit on Instagram, and more. Anyone in the digital era can partake in it, whether you’re close to retirement age or you’re just a youngster who is fascinated byread more

What are beliefs? Beliefs are formed through repetitive thoughts that our brains have concluded. Some beliefs can be helpful, and other beliefs can be destructive. What I’ve found to be useful is to examine old destructive beliefs, reframe them, and live a more conscious and positive life through more empowering beliefs. We can have all sorts of beliefs. Usually when we hear the word “belief”, we think of religion. Christians believe that Jesus died forread more

Life is a precious miracle. We never know what tomorrow may hold. All we can do is just try our best to live a fulfilling life. Often times, people settle for mediocrity. This is due to how they were raised. We all grow up with various beliefs formed from our childhood. When those beliefs go left unexamined, we settle for less and forget to chase after our true dreams. I’m here to tell you thatread more

It has been almost one year and three months since I’ve moved on from the traditional job world. I decided to become an entrepreneur. Later, I modified it and transitioned into being a creativepreneur. Creativepreneurs are similar to entrepreneurs in that they both like to create businesses. However, creativepreneurs like to express themselves through avenues such as art or music. You can be a fitness coach who owns a gym and gives classes as anread more