Success Triggers by Ramit Sethi – Intelligent Risks

One area that I want to keep stable is how the voice acts throughout the day. I definitely want it to stay quiet during the day when I’m active, when I take a shower, and when I go for a walk. I’d ideally like it to stay quiet all day and night long. But nowadays, it does talk sometimes in the evenings or right before I fall asleep. When it talks, I usually get stressed out. So, that’s one area that I’d like to keep fairly stable. I’ve been on different dosages of medication and experienced the voice being at its worst even at higher levels, so I’m relying on therapy and coping skills to deal with the voice. I try new ideas when the voice is chaotic such as trying new activities in the evening when it’s active. Otherwise, I don’t like to mess around too much with my routine. I like when it’s fairly predictable. For example, if I’m on the computer in the day, it’s unlikely to talk. So, that’s my go-to activity.

Another area I want to keep stable is my basic food, housing, and insurance. I want to make sure these areas are covered first. I don’t need much else besides this. I rarely go out with the pandemic, haven’t needed to buy clothes in a while, and don’t really have any other major expenses. Thank goodness. So right now, I’m fine where I am living.

One area in my life that I want to do more risk-taking with is investing in producing music to make passive income. I don’t know if my next few songs will have the same level of success as the first song I put out since it kind of gained popularity from going viral. But best-case, if I were to put out 4 more songs that reached the same level of success or more, I could hit my first target of $100/month in passive income. That’s not a lot, but it’d also gain me more followers and I could build up from there. Plus then, I could snowball it and invest the money I earned into making more music.

To be honest, I can’t think of any major risks I’ve taken that paid off big time. I guess covering the song Nuna by Owol was a risk because he’s not a well-known singer and I spent a few weeks trying to produce that song. That ended up being my most streamed song cover. I felt good knowing that so many people were listening and enjoying it. My advice to my younger self would be to never shut any idea down and to feel free to go with the option that is more enjoyable (cover music you like, not just because it’s popular).

I guess another risk I took was when I decided to go to Central instead of Masterman for high school. I was definitely happy with this decision. I had a lot of good experiences and good friendships that I made through attending Central. I was having a hard time at Masterman socially, and I feel like it would have taken a toll on my mental health if I continued going there and experiencing the toxicity of certain people there. I needed a fresh start, so going to Central was mostly a good decision.

My parents took a risk in coming to America and deciding to live here. I imagine I will eventually move to another state, or maybe even a different country. I doubt I will stay in Philadelphia. I could mitigate the risk by saving up money each month for the move, which is what I’m already doing.

I would definitely invest in producing music if I knew that it’d be 100% successful. I could try to go back to what I was doing before, which is producing all the music myself, or just borrowing instrumentals and keeping it strictly on YouTube. It’s less risky to borrow instrumentals, but the payoff is low because you can’t distribute it further without owning the rights to it. And for self-production, the results vary, because it depends on the quality. But even if the quality is good, it depends on the organic search results and if people are interested. I could market it, but I’d have to learn more about how to do that properly. Anyway, point is, I’d definitely spend the money to invest in my music if I knew it’d pay off 100%.

I guess what I can do on the music part is take all the earnings I’ve made off my music and set it aside specifically for investing in my music. That way, I’m not taking away from my other sources of income. I can continue living my life, with my expenses paid from my other sources of income, while experimenting with investing my money into my music.

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