My Thoughts on Google AdSense and YouTube Partner Program

Soooo… I’ve been running Google AdSense on my blog for years. I don’t know when I actually started using it, but if I had to guess, definitely 5-6 years ago for sure. I’ve also been part of the YouTube Partner Program for some time, maybe a year or so. And despite being a part of both programs for so long, I haven’t yet even cashed out a single penny.

Both programs require you to hit a certain threshold before they pay you your share of the ad revenue. I actually don’t know what the threshold even is for YouTube, though I’m sure I’m nowhere near it as I’m only at $2.30 at the time of this blog post. For Google AdSense, I’ve reached a little over $65, but have not yet been paid that amount. The threshold for payment on Google AdSense is $100.

I’ve debated about whether or not I should continue the programs. First off, it seems like they benefit more from me than I do from them. And also, people generally don’t like ads. Personalized ads sometimes are okay, which is what I tried to do on my blog. But, it also looks pretty sloppy with the automated ads that I’ve been using. If I haven’t even been able to receive payment for this long. I wonder if it’s even worth it.

I think that the longer I wait to remove AdSense from my blog, the more I will stay hopeful and continue trying to find a way to cash out what is owed to me. But if I remove it now, then what are the consequences? Well, I’ll miss out on the potential $100 that I could have accumulated, most likely month or years later. Okay… But on the flipside, my website would look better, right? And I could find other ways to monetize that look much better. Hmmm…

I guess for today, I’ll take the ads off and see how I feel about that. I can always put the ads back on if I change my mind, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do about YouTube Partner Program. With those, I guess the ads are not as obnoxious, especially because I get to select how the ads appear. But, I also haven’t really made much of anything. So, is it worth it? Ehhh…

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