Have you ever considered monitoring your daily progress through keeping track of motivational buffs and debuffs? This may seem like a concept of gamifying life, and while there is that aspect as well, I am mostly approaching this from a slightly different angle of bad vs. good choices or habits and how those decisions ultimately stack up and affect us. Motivational buffs are actions that we take that benefit us in some way. It mayread more

100000 steps a week

Soooo… I’ve been pretty inactive over the past few years. That changed recently when some friends came to visit the city. I doubled, tripled, quadrupled, and sometimes even quintupled my average steps per day. On a typical day, I’d be lucky to get 5,000 steps in. But that particular week, I was averaging between 15K-25K steps a day. My feet were starting to hurt just a few days in, but I sucked it up andread more

They say that consistency is the key to success. If you have a goal, a predictable way of achieving it is through breaking it down into steps and then consistently taking action to execute those steps. If you want to declutter a space, just choose an area to start with: the bed, the bookshelf, the desk, the floor, a drawer. Dedicate 15, 5, or even just 1 minute a day to toss trash/recyclables or putread more

Four the past four days, I’ve managed the wake/get up much earlier than usual. One day, I even woke up at 5AM. Though, I didn’t try to force it. A couple times, I set alarms to remind me that a Zoom call was happening that morning, but I ended up waking before the alarms went off. I’m going to be trying the sleep log/diary from the Sleep Foundation’s websites (found here). I started it midweek,read more

These days when I face resistance, it’s usually from a place of dread. I hardly face fear, and when I do, it’s usually there to protect me from actual harm and danger. Fear doesn’t seem to cripple me as much as dread. If I procrastinate, usually it’s because I don’t enjoy the process or because it doesn’t feel easy (mentally or physically). So then I wondered, what would happen if I consciously decided to doread more

Some of us are used to receiving rewards in the form of food, perhaps from childhood, or just as a way we’ve been used to treating ourselves for good behavior. This can sometimes be in conflict with our health goals depending on the foods we reward ourselves with. It may be okay to reward yourself with fruit for example, but you might be used to indulging in sodas or cheesesteaks. Especially if you’re trying toread more

Recently, I completed my challenge of reading 20 pages or more of books every day for 30 days. It wasn’t always easy to stick to the challenge, but I made it through. I’m not going to mention any particular books I’ve read, because I don’t really recommend them. They were just okay. The first week was fairly easy. I used a tablet. I chose a book that I thought about reading for a while, andread more

Before I embarked on my 30-day reading challenge, I thought I could start with reading 15 pages a day. Eventually, I settled on 20 pages. Even if this was doable, I think I should have chosen a less ambitious habit to build. If I could go back, I would have started with 5 pages. I know, that’s 25% of the goal I set. But, the point is consistency. If you’re not hitting your goal daily,read more

These are three personal habits that I would like to improve: 1) Keeping my belongings organized2) Going on the walking route I take at least 3 times (currently walk it 2 times max)3) Washing/moisturizing my face daily For keeping my belongings organized, I could throw/put away one item daily. For walking, I could start with walking however much I normally walk the first day, and then each day walk back home after taking an additionalread more

One thing that I can change just to test it out is my response to, “What do you do for a living?” For one, I don’t really “work for a living”. I don’t worry about making money. I just do what I want to do. I could say I experiment with different types of work from freelancing to online ventures. I have my own blog website and I experimented with publishing music on YouTube andread more