Joined Steve Pavlina’s Amplify Course

I had been planning to join Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Club (CGC) for 2021-2022. It opens in the end of April, but recently, he launched a new course called Amplify. From what I’ve read, it’s beneficial for conscious creatives. I wanted to joined, but since Amplify would be free for CGC members, I didn’t want to pay extra. The only benefit to joining early would be to join the live calls. But today, I received an email from Steve saying that anyone who joins Amplify would have the course fee waived from the CGC membership for 2021-2022. So, I ended up taking that deal. I missed the first call, but you know, I would have missed them all if I just waited to join CGC. So, it’s not too bad.

I previously joined DAI (Deep Abundance Integration) back in 2018. It was only $97 at the time of offering. I joined maybe half of the live calls. I never got around to finishing all the calls. Steve even added a lengthy eBook as an addition to the calls, but I only read it for Day 1. I mean, you can finish it at your own pace. But honestly, I really should go back and make the most out of the course.

For Amplify, I figured I could at least join in on the live calls before CGC starts. I’m not crazy about recordings because they can be long. He said that the first call was 3.5 hours. I have a short attention span these days, so the only way I could make it through is to break it down into small chunks that I could listen to throughout several days.

Honestly, I’ve never really finished any course online that I’ve signed up for outside of university. The most I’ve gone through is the Success Triggers course by Ramit Sethi. It started with me blogging my progress with it summer of 2020 when revisiting it. And then, I just kind of left it. I’ve gone back a couple times, but I still have 25% left to go.

With DAI, I’ve attended maybe 40% of the calls, but I don’t remember a lot of it. I didn’t really take notes, just engaged in the chat and tried to follow along. And, I definitely didn’t read much.

I really should restart the habit of completing a part of any course I’ve signed up for at least maybe 5 minutes a day. I tried building other habits like reading books every day and exercising. My exercise habit is still going okay, considering I exercise for at least 10 minutes 5/7 days a week. I mean, it could be better, but considering I was doing nothing before, that’s a start. For reading, I started off ambitious, so I have to restart the habit and really start small. Same with courses.

I just recently checked out that book by James Clear about habit-building from my local library. I only read the introduction. But, maybe I’ll learn more about habit-building that I haven’t tried myself yet. I’m hopeful…

Anyway, back to the Amplify course. The regular price is supposed to be $497. I said it would be worth it if it could double the highest amount I’ve made in a month with my music. So, that’s my goal with this course. I’ll only know after a few months since with music income, payment is delayed by 2-4 months. And, it’ll probably be 1-3 months at least before I release the original song I’ve been working on. So basically, I won’t know until summer/fall.

I tend to dabble into different activities, courses, hobbies, etc. So, I hope that I actually stick to checking out the whole Amplify course and implement what I’ve learned from it into my life. My hope would be to actually be paid decently for my music. And also, to create more without feeling burned out and actually finishing what I’ve started. (I tend to leave drafts, and then think they’re not good enough to finish.)

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