You are responsible for your own life. That means that whatever happens to you, you have to be there for yourself. This can be a hard concept for some people because they’ve felt like they’ve been bullied or told what to do many times. But, you have to realize that no one can be there 100% except for yourself. When someone makes snide remarks about me, I choose to ignore it and find other peopleread more

We all have an inner child within us. Most of our habits and actions are based around our experiences with life as a child. This means that we have instilled thoughts in ourselves due to what we perceived or learned from adults and peers at a young age. Sometimes, our inner child wants to express itself differently. It requires courage and tenacity to tune into that inner child and learn how to let go ofread more

Sometimes, we perceive feelings to be facts. But, that is not always the case. Feelings arise from our perception of reality. Our minds create thoughts, conclusions that we base on our experiences. We can always change the story as we go. Sometimes, we may think negatively. Other times, we may think positively. And still other times, we may think on a neutral standpoint. You want to be careful about how you think. There are someread more

Are you curious to know more about the digital nomad lifestyle? Digital nomads are people who use technology to work and are independent in terms of location. How can you live the digital nomad lifestyle? It’s not necessarily easy to first start, but once you dabble into different ideas, it can become natural and feel rewarding. Nowadays with the advancement of technology, it’s quite easy to live the digital nomad lifestyle. All you need isread more

Sometimes, we overexert ourselves and feel overwhelmed. When these times are present, it’s best to find ways to relax and engage in stress-free activities. Surrendering does not necessarily mean that you are weak. Even if it is seen as being weak, it is not. Sometimes, surrendering can be a wise choice. We are often at wars with ourselves. We battle our own inner demons. Some people are better at managing their inner chaos than more

Music can be therapeutic. There are many genres of music that we choose to listen to: emo, punk, rock, gothic, rock and roll, classical, pop, R&B, foreign, K-pop, J-pop, C-pop, and more. What we choose to listen to can depict and influence our mood. Personally, when I listen to classical music, it feels calm and relaxed. It makes me feel like I am in peace. It helps me to get in a meditative state ofread more

What is real love? Real love means acceptance of others and no judgment. The reason why true unconditional love exists is because it raises the level of your consciousness. Consciousness is important because it brings peace and higher level of understanding for yourself, for the people you choose to surround yourself with, and for the world. There is an old parable that goes like this: An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “Aread more

When we think of a genius we typically think of people such as Aristotle, Albert Einstein, or Leonardo Da Vinci. But what makes one a genius? And why can’t everyone be a genius? Everyone have their own unique talents and abilities. We all grow up in different ways. I have a unique ability to write my own blog posts. Someone else may have the ability to swim fast, like Michael Phelps. It’s our own uniqueread more