Work on You First

Often times, we focus on what’s going on externally from us. We perceive certain events to be for us or against us. We forget to take a look inwardly to see if there is something else going us, causing us to experience what we perceive to be negative.

Rather than working externally to change events, it is best to focus inwardly. Focus on yourself. Learn how to change and master your reality by focusing on your strengths and improving upon your weaknesses.

Nowadays with the cold weather, I can feel tired at times. I go to the gym as a way to stay active and to not slide down into laziness or procrastination. And, I make sure that I am drinking enough fluids, especially something that has electrolytes such as coconut water.

When you work on yourself first, you are able to function at an optimal level. You are able to take on more tasks and are able to transform your life into something you’ve always envisioned. It just takes some practice.

What is one thing you could do starting from today that will benefit you in the long run? You can start simply by engaging in small habits, and then build upon those habits over time. For example, your morning routine can consist of eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, and changing into your daytime clothes. Rather than hitting the snooze button every morning, get up and enjoy some nice sunshine and maybe a sip of tea.

Working on yourself can be challenging or fun, depending on how you approach it. It can be rewarding to work on yourself. You can do anything that you put your mind to. It sometimes requires self-discipline, but with practice, you can transform your life into something amazing. You want to be able to look at the mirror and happily say, “That’s me!”

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