I don’t consider myself a good writer. I think I’m okay. Maybe I’m above average because I tend to make few spelling or grammar mistakes and I get my point across. Also, I’ve been blogging for many years. And, I’ve done pretty well in school whenever I had to turn in a paper. Regardless, it doesn’t matter much to me to be the best writer. I just want to be able to provide some kindread more

When I first started blogging, I didn’t really pay much attention to visuals. I just stuck to writing. I was used to seeing blogs with just text. Some of my favorite blogs don’t have any images on their actual page and may have many paragraphs of text. But when restarting my blog, I decided to add images. I wanted to create a visually enjoyable experience for the reader, with the theme of my page andread more

I haven’t been keeping up with Success Triggers or taking any other specific course, so I find it a little difficult to figure out what to blog about each day. I remember I used to get all sorts of ideas for what to post. I even saved many drafts of ideas. But when I look over those drafts now, I don’t feel particularly drawn to post on any of those topics. And these days, Iread more

I read a blog talking about how blogging daily can be a bad idea. They said that it would stir up boredom and that you might stop blogging altogether. Well, it really depends I think. I remember when I was blogging every day for a month or so back in 2018. It didn’t get boring then. I had lots of ideas at the time. It was fun expressing those ideas. I eventually stopped because ofread more