It’s Getting Difficult to Blog Every Day

I haven’t been keeping up with Success Triggers or taking any other specific course, so I find it a little difficult to figure out what to blog about each day. I remember I used to get all sorts of ideas for what to post. I even saved many drafts of ideas. But when I look over those drafts now, I don’t feel particularly drawn to post on any of those topics. And these days, I don’t get many ideas for what to post.

I don’t know if medication has affected how I think. It’s possible that it has removed past delusions, intrusive thoughts, hallucinations, etc. But, it might have impacted me creatively as well. I haven’t really been as creative as I was in the past for a couple years now.

It could be something else though, like just a shift in mindset. Before, I didn’t struggle so much with the voice. I was able to cope with it. Then, I went through a hard period of trying to just tune out the voice and not let it affect me in any way. Nowadays, I cope with it, but I’m not high functioning. I do the bare minimum, I feel. I mean, I’m not that bad off. I just know I’d be doing more if I was living without the voice.

I thought about quitting blogging every day. On one hand, there’s not much value in it because I don’t really post anything that helpful (I feel). On the other hand, it gives me something to do each day and can help me improve upon the skill (I hope). I’m on the fence right now. Should I continue? Should I stop and try something else?

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