About Nessy

This website is named after the creator/publisher, Nessy Mathew. She started blogging back in 2003-2004 on various platforms with different aliases. In 2013, she purchased this domain. She restarted her blog 2 times, in hopes of creating more valuable content.

Nessy currently has 8 singles (5 song covers and 3 originals) available online for streaming and download. Check out her songs here:

Amazon Music
Apple Music
YouTube (more song covers on my channel)

Collab requests are currently closed.

Check out the DIY Artist Guide here.

Motivational and calming prints/designs can be found here.

Find Nessy’s recommendations of products on her Amazon storefront (books, self-care, music, and more).

Find Nessy on Instagram… mostly just that, and maybe Twitter. She might be coming back to TikTok. We’ll see! Back on TikTok, lol.

Nessy’s current experiential goals:
Release 3 original songs (1 released on May 7th, 1 released on December 4th, 1 released on Twosday ✔︎)
– Hit 4 figures of passive income monthly through creative projects or works
– Write a book, probably non-fiction (DIY Artist Guide, published on September 8th, 2023)
– Collab with a (well-known?) artist/producer who compliments my music style
Get back into creating videos or live streaming on her first YouTube channel (Technically yes, but switched to TikTok ✔︎)
Visit India (I’ve never been there!) (Visited Kerala, India in February 2024! :D)
– Write another book, on the topic of psychosis/my life (like a memoir)
– Have another song go viral (>1 million listens/streams)

Nessy’s current interests (in no particular order):
– Writing/journaling
– Passive income through creative means
– Dining out
– Singing/music
– Comfy fashion
– Live streaming
– Teaching
– AI
– Reading non-fiction
– Long-term habit formation
– Hip hop dancing
– Rapping? xD
– Travel
– Investing
– Gaming