About Nessy

This website is named after the creator/publisher, Nessy Mathew. She started blogging back in 2003-2004 on various platforms with different aliases. In 2013, she purchased this domain. She restarted her blog 2 times, in hopes of creating more valuable content.

Some of her inspirations for writing on this blog include people such as:
– Steve Pavlina
– Ramit Sethi
– Marie Forleo
– Leo Babauta
– James Altucher
– Dr. K from Healthy Gamer

Nessy currently has 8 singles (5 song covers and 3 originals) available online for streaming and download. Check out her songs here:

Amazon Music
Apple Music
YouTube (more song covers on my channel)

Collab requests are currently closed.

Find merch designed by Nessy on RedBubble.
Find Nessy’s recommendations of products on her Amazon storefront (books, self-care, music, and more).

Find Nessy on Instagram… mostly just that, and maybe Twitter. She might be coming back to TikTok. We’ll see! Back on TikTok, lol.

Nessy’s current experiential goals:
Release 3 original songs (1 released on May 7th, 1 released on December 4th, 1 released on Twosday ✔︎)
– Hit 4 figures of passive income monthly through creative projects or works
– Write a book, probably non-fiction
– Collab with a (well-known?) artist/producer who compliments my music style
Get back into creating videos or live streaming on her first YouTube channel (Technically yes, but switched to TikTok ✔︎)
– LLC 2023 👀

Nessy’s current interests (in no particular order, probably needs updating):
– Among Us
– Passive income through creative means
– Dining out
– Singing/music
– Comfy fashion
– Live streaming
– Teaching
– AI
– Reading non-fiction
– Long-term habit formation
– Hip hop dancing
– Rapping? xD