To make a million dollars over the span of a decade, if the path were linear, you’d need to make $100K/year. Monthly, that’d come to around $8,333.33. On a per day basis (365 days a year), that’d be around $274/day. Of course if you were to take the active income route, realistically you wouldn’t be able to work every single day of the year. It’s not like you’re a machine. But, most of us doread more

I just started my subscription of Gemini Advanced the other day. It definitely has improving to do. I didn’t expect to have so much difficulty with it. These are the problems I encountered on just the first day of experimenting: My trial of Gemini Advanced is for two months, so I have plenty of time to experiment with it. I’d like to attempt to co-write some blog posts and articles with it, for both thisread more