Restarting my Blog (Again)

I’ve been blogging on this domain since 2013. Prior to that, I ran and deleted several blogs on sites such as Xanga, Blogspot, Blogger, WordPress.Com and more. Prior to 2013, I’d mostly post about daily life, sometimes created roleplaying blogs, and didn’t really have much value to offer. From 2013 to 2016, I tried offering more valuable content, but still fell short on that. Then after that, I felt as if I was providing content that was helpful or interesting. But as I was switching to a new webhost, I looked over the old posts I saved and realized that still, the value I was providing fell short. Well, at least for my standards.

So here I am, again, starting fresh with a new layout, a new webhost, and a new start for my blog. People seem to have different advice on whether to focus on quantity or quality. Well, I tried quantity before, and it didn’t seem to get me far. It could just be that I didn’t try learning marketing techniques or about SEO much. But also, I just felt like my blog posts were just mediocre. I want to provide content of tremendous value. I want it to be life-changing.

One blog that I’ve read over and over again since 2012 is Steve Pavlina’s website. He provides so much value in his blog posts. He talks about a variety of interesting topics. Some of these blog posts changed my perspective on things, shifted my beliefs, and helped me to achieve certain results. I’d like to have a blog like that myself. Though, this brings me back to the point of quantity. He has consistently posted on his blog. At the end of 2019, he started a challenge to post a blog a day. Maybe it really is about being consistent and seeing what ideas come out.

I thought about the topics I’d like to discuss on my blog. I’m open to anything. Right now, I’m thinking about topics related to mental health, body image, and internet entrepreneurship. These are the topics I’ve been thinking more about in the past few weeks. Mixing topics can be a little weird, but I think it’s good to try for a variety of topics. These days, you don’t need to settle for one box. And besides, I think people enjoy being able to connect with a person on multiple ideas rather than just one or two.

I thought about adding products such as eBooks or online courses. Maybe people would be interested to learn about my experiences with psychosis, to better help them understand people they know going through the same experience or even their own experience. I also thought about teaching subjects such as music production, Korean, or English to native Korean speakers. I haven’t really settled on any particular idea.

This time with restarting my blog, I hope that I can maintain my blog posts and keep them up. If I’m not satisfied with a post, maybe I can go back and edit them, or I can link to an updated post.

I actually “restarted” my “main” YouTube channel months ago. I posted an update, and set all of my old videos to private. I wanted to start over because some of my views on certain topics changed (such as law of attraction) and I wondered if I was doing justice for other topics. I tried recording videos recently, but had trouble. It’s easier to write a blog post, which is why I started back on this.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the new blog. It still has the name “Conscious Balancing”. I couldn’t really think of anything else I wanted to change it to. I might change it in the future if I can think of something that encompasses all the topics I might cover.

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