This morning, I was browsing my second Instagram page, wondering how I could monetize it with over 5800 followers. It has a pretty good engagement rate, I would say 5-10% these days. So, I was wondering what I value I could provide in return for passive income.

Well, it’s not exactly passive depending on how it’s run. However, I could find myself enjoying being part of a community, depending on what it is. I’ve been part of several online communities in the past. Currently, the only one I’m really in is this Facebook group for Grant Cardone’s Launch 2021. Though, I find the content (aside from Grant’s webinars) to be pretty low value in general. I wanted to upgrade from that (and probably delete my Facebook since I get such low engagement from it).

So I thought about it. What exactly would I want from an online community? Do they have to fit a high standard? Do they have to align with certain values? Do they have to have a specific interest?

I didn’t want it to be super ambitious like ideas I’ve had in the past. I’m not looking for a mastermind group necessarily. To me, a mastermind group is laser-focused on achieving a set of goals and meeting those goals through accountability. For me, I’d rather focus more on mindset. I thought I could create something with the idea of achieving an ideal lifestyle. The lifestyle would be different depending on the person.

Originally, I wanted to create it for females. But then, I couldn’t really think of a reason not to include males too. I thought I would target women, but include men too. That’s what Marie Forleo does with her B-School, and I like that idea.

I feel like focusing on an ideal lifestyle makes sense to me more than focusing on goals. When you feel aligned with your core values, you are able to achieve meaningful results. And, I want to be in a community that supports each other in creating that ideal life, whatever it looks like to them.

Taking ideas from other online communities I’ve been in, I would probably do a Zoom call once every two weeks. I would take questions from members and probably go with the flow. It would be maybe 45 minutes or so. And, then I would check in every day (except for when I’m away) on whatever platform or forum we end up using.

I mentioned passive income earlier, as I was thinking it would definitely be a paid group. If you want quality, you have to charge to filter out all the trolls or abusers. And, I’d set rules too so that if anyone violates those rules, they get the boot and they’re not welcome back. I’m trying to figure out a good amount to charge. If it’s too low, people will have a reason to flake and fizzle out. And, do I want a monthly commitment or a yearly commitment?

I think to start with, I would set a monthly membership. I think I could charge $25/month. Honestly, even that is low. But, I think it’s not too high so people will check it out, and not too low that the non-committal people don’t flood in. It’s pretty much like gym membership, but more for the mind. 😄

Most paid communities I’ve joined have included bonuses. I don’t think that’s necessary, but maybe would be useful for initial traction. I could include PDFs of activities for achieving the ideal lifestyle and maybe some wallpapers for phones and desktops. And, I could add more to it as the months go by.

The more I’m talking about this idea, the more I’m realizing its potential. I can create it to be something that I enjoy, so it doesn’t feel like “work”. I’m reminded of Steve Pavlina, who created workshops and own online club to attracted the types of people he would like to interact with. That’s mostly where I’m getting the idea from.

There’s also Leo Babauta, who runs one on habit change. I thought about a habit change program, but I think lifestyle change is more appealing to me. It’s like forming your identity. Instead of making the habit of running, be the runner. Instead of making the habit of writing, be the writer. I could still talk about habit formation. It’s just that my focus is a little different.

I think I’m leaning towards this idea. I just have to figure out the execution. I’ve never done this before. It’s completely new to me. I don’t know how to build such a website. But, I’m sure I could learn if it’s something I really want to do. I wonder if people would even be interested.