Blog Posts for Days

For weeks, I’d have the itch to write. I’d think, “I want to blog, but I don’t know what to write about.” Then, I’d try reading other blogs or my old posts to see what I could write. Usually, I’d end up with nothing.

Yesterday though, I wrote three blog posts and scheduled them to post on three consecutive days. I don’t know exactly how this surge in writing happened. But when it does happen, it’s rather nice.

I guess when you hold onto an intention, eventually you yield results. (I also started reading books daily recently, so perhaps that has got the wheels spinning in my head.) I would write, even when the idea seemed insignificant. I even wrote a blog post on coloring. Most people might disregard it, but I published it anyway. It might be helpful to someone someday. Who knows.

If you have a goal of posting on your blog daily, it’s nice to sometimes write several posts a day and save them up. Then, you can take breaks in between (if you want). You can go back and review what you wrote, to make sure it still seems good. Or, you can focus on other content creation such as YouTube videos or social media posts.

I suggest that if you write a bunch of blog posts in one day, schedule them out. I spread mine out to one post per day. Some people might schedule the posts farther apart, like two or three days, or even a week. There’s been some debate on how frequently you should post. I think daily is okay, but some people say weekly is better for increasing readership. You can always experiment. I don’t mind posting daily because I feel like most people stumble across my posts through searching Google anyway.

Usually the more you practice something, the more you improve. I can notice some improvement in quality between my old blog and my revamped blog. I remember at one point more than two years back, I was posting frequently, just whatever was on my mind. I still do that now. But when I look back at my archived posts, I don’t see much content or value. I was pumping out content, like some social media influencers would suggest. My ideas seemed somewhat unclear. If it seems unclear to me, I can only imagine how it comes across to you as the reader. I still focus on quantity, because quality is something that is improved over time, especially with writing. But, I try to make sure that I have some point in what I write.

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