Emotions are the driving force of human nature. Without emotions, it would be hard to experience life at a deeper level. There are times when we experience the good, and other times when we experience the bad. However, sometimes our emotions can lead us to take actions that lead to negative consequences. So, we have to be careful in how we express our emotions. Anger can be used as a destructive force, but it canread more

The best place to start loving is to start with yourself. There are different ways to express your love: cuddling, kissing, hugging, giving a gift, and cooking for a loved one. But what does it mean to love yourself? And more importantly, why is it important to love yourself? Love for yourself means taking time to know yourself, accept it, and embrace it. Self-love can come in different forms as well. Below are a listread more

There are certain inessential activities— moths of precious time— and it is worse to busy yourself with the trivial than to do nothing. – Baltasar Gracian This is a quote from my daily calendar. I’m not sure if I quite agree with this statement. The reason is because sometimes, we can be caught up in trivial things. And that is just part of the journey. Plus, what seems trivial to one person might not necessarilyread more

Authority has a negative connotation. However, authority is an important aspect of one’s life. For example, when you make decisions, you want to make sure that you exert your power and are authoritative. Leaders are often thought of being authoritative. But, you too can be the authority of your own life. All you have to do is take action. And of course, you want to make sure you have some forethought to those actions. Whenread more

I’ve had braces for 10 months now. Although they are good for straightening my teeth, they are also distressing in many ways. Here are the disadvantages that I’ve noticed thus far: Tightness Every time you go to get your braces adjusted, you have to deal with the tightness of the brackets. It’s not that they tighten the brackets, but rather that the combination of the wires and brackets are pushing your teeth in a newread more

These days, I feel like I put myself on an intense supertrial. I went from being 131 lbs to around 122 lbs, waking up at 6:30AM on weekdays, reading a book every day, blogging 2 times daily, exercising 2-4 times a week, shaving almost daily, dressing up fashionably daily, cooking daily, and praying daily. Part of the reason for this is because I developed an A player mindset. I’ve set reasonable goals that are challenging,read more

“It is always good to know, if only in passing, charming human beings. It refreshes one like flowers and woods and clear brooks.” – George Eliot An A player is someone who excels at life. It is someone who conquers most or all areas of their life, from health to finances to relationships to spirituality. Such people that I would define as A players are Ramit Sethi, Steve Pavlina, Leo Babauta, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith,read more

Believe in Yourself Set your standards high You deserve the best Try for what you want And never settle for less. Believe in yourself No matter what you choose Keep a winning attitude And you can never lose. Think about your destination But don’t worry if you stray Because the most important thing Is what you’ve learned along the way. Take all that you’ve become To be all that you can be. Soar above theread more

After months of being inactive (aside from maybe walking), I made it a goal to hit the gym every day on the weekdays. I started off by hitting the gym three times a week. Last week, I only went to the gym twice. However, I made up for it by hitting the gym three times this week so far, and I plan on going to the gym again today. I give myself a break fromread more

My morning routine looks something like this: 1) Say out loud the things that I’m grateful 2) Wash my face and apply toner 3) Make my bed 4) Change clothes 5) Make breakfast and eat it 6) Drink coconut water 7) Prepare lunch 8) Brush my teeth 9) Write a blog post 10) Read Psalms 27 I’m thinking about getting up a little earlier so that I can get some reading done. I’ve been gettingread more