Glitch in the System!

Sometimes, I’m not aware that there is an issue in the system I’m using, until I try to use it for a specific purpose. Just a few minutes ago, I tried sending myself a message through my contact form. Weeeell, it turns out, all my messages were stuck in the spam folder! It appears as if I’ve received dozens of messages since implementing the form, but because of how the spam folder works, anything older than 30 days was already deleted by now.

So if anyone is wondering why I didn’t respond back, that may be why! I also get some actual spam through the contact form as well, which I probably wouldn’t respond to anyway. But for anyone who genuinely just wanted to connect or share thoughts, I might have missed your message.

From now on, the contact form should work properly, and I should be able to see your messages. I will also take this as an opportunity to clean up some of my inboxes.

Other glitches in the system? Nothing has come to my attention lately besides how buggy Among Us has been on mobile since coming out with the latest update.

I guess I also consider “hearing voices” (or what I’m coining as Wondergurl Syndrome) as part of a glitch in the system. It’s a glitch in my neurological system, at least. I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be there. I’ve been trying different methods for the past few years to “get rid” of it, but it hasn’t really gone away. It just seems less active.

Someone had suggested to me earlier this past week that I could maybe experiment with cues, like getting it to speak on command, and then getting it to a point where it’s not present at all without the cue. I was also thinking of the opposite, getting it to stop on cue. I was trying to think of some unique cue that wouldn’t normally occur in real life.

Glitches are weird, because it seems as if your reality is functioning one way, when it could just be a bug or something changing the outcome. Glitches can also not be obvious, because everything could seem to be functioning well, but still technically have an error that does not execute as intended. So for my contact form, I just guessed that no one was interested in using it. I didn’t realize that people were in fact using it, and that it wasn’t being directed to my inbox.

I was also thinking, using the frame that there could possibly be a glitch could be useful in discovering limiting beliefs and habits. There might be a glitch preventing you from exercising. Or, an allergy (for example) could be triggered by a glitch in the home environment.

Using the frame of discovering and fixing a glitch in the system is a little more playful and curious to me. It could also be that I have positive/funny associations of it from mods using in Among Us. It seems less intimidating to me than some other terms, like “illness” or “disability” or “breakdown”.

I realize words themselves do not have meaning inherently, and that we assign the meaning. Though I think also if you’re having trouble disassociating meaning from certain words, it’s helpful to replace those words with ones that you already have positive associations with.

I’m curious to discover what other glitches might be hiding in my reality!

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